(Roget's IV) n.
Syn. clothing, apparel, wearing apparel, garments, attire, raiment, dress, garb, wear, vestments, array, habiliments, casual wear, informal wear, evening dress, evening clothes, work clothes, tout ensemble (French), suit of clothes, costume, ensemble, outfit, equipment, uniform, outerwear, underwear, wardrobe, accouterments, trappings, caParison, harness, gear, livery, habit, regalia, overclothes, finery; sportswear, swimwear, rainwear, footwear; wearables*, get-up*, rags*, tatters*, rigging*, togs*, duds*, things*, threads*, drag*, glad rags*; see also finery , underwear .
Types of clothing include: business suit, jacket and slacks, blazer, trousers, blue jeans, jeans, denims, Levis (trademark), overalls, coveralls, sweat pants, double-breasted suit, shorts, breeches, knickerbockers, knickers*; tuxedo, tux*, tuck*; dress suit, dinner jacket, tail coat, swallow-tailed coat, jungle coat, jungle jacket, uniform, shirt, sweat shirt, sweat suit, T-shirt, turtleneck, tank top, vest, body shirt, hiphugger pants, bell-bottom pants, continental suit, socks; sweater, cardigan, windbreaker, raincoat; robe, underwear, unmentionables*, long underwear, long johns*, red flannels*. Types of clothing worn mainly by women include: housecoat, negligee, morning dress, evening gown, kimono, wrapper, frock, blouse, jumper, slip, shirtwaist, panties, brassiere, bra, bustier, camisole, garter belt, girdle; nightgown, nightie*, pajamas, P.J.'s*; swimsuit, bathing suit, bikini, noon dress, street dress, pullover, slipover sweater, jerkin, golf dress, house dress, tennis dress, dickey, pantyhose, nylon stockings, nylons, A-line dress, A-line skirt, mini-skirt, maxi-skirt, shift, muumuu, little girl's dress, paper dress, gilet, vestee, guimpe, bolero, smock, skirt, toreador pants, leggings, tights, leotard, petticoat, hat, bonnet. Clothing of foreign origin includes --- Latin American: rebozo, mantilla, poncho, serape, huipil; Eskimo: parka, mukluks, kapta; Russian: sarafan; southEastern European: fez, bourka, tunic, babushka, chalwar, jube, fustenella; Muslim: burnoose, yashmak, tarboosh, djubbeh, chalwar, chador, caftan, aba, chargat; southEastern Asian: sarong, sari, dhoti, burka; Japanese: kimono, obi, juban, shitagi, dogi, hakama, haori, shito-juban, ymogi, kosh-imaki; western European: mantilla, bolero, kilt, tartan; historical: toga, jupon, kirtle, chlamys, jerkin, brachae; see also coat , dress , hat , pants 1 , 2 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
pl. see clothing
(Roget's Thesaurus II) noun Articles worn to cover the body: apparel, attire, clothing, dress, garment (used in plural), habiliment (often used in plural), raiment. Informal: dud (used in plural), tog (used in plural). Slang: thread (used in plural). See PUT ON.

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